I work with earth; I work with clay.

I feel like all my life ceramics was calling me to it in one way or another, but it wasn't till my time at the University that I found it would be my deepest passion.

I was born and raised here in Grand Marais, where my love and curiosity for the wild and nature was fostered. I grew up in a little cabin on big land where when the leaves left for the winter you could get the slightest peek of the never-ending view Lady Lake Superior.

Currently my studio & home are now just 9 miles away from where I originally grew up, and I am fortunate enough to say that I get to watch Lady Lake Superior while I carve her into my pots right from my studio windows.

My two emphases for my Art & Art History degree were Japanese Woodblock Printmaking & Soda Fired Ceramics. The two mediums began to fuse when I started realizing that I liked the wood block I had carved more than the finished print on the wall. I liked the feeling of the carved wood on my finger tips, and that's when I thought about creating woodblock prints on three dimensional tactile objects, and I was completely sold. I love that the carvings call for caressing like the stones on the shore of Lady Superior do, and how that feeds our souls.

I have been doing ceramics for 13 years, but two of those years I mainly wrote and drew in my sketchbook what I would create if I could, because my beautiful twin daughters came into the world in May of 2014, and for a while there I was just trying to survive the day to day as a new mom. Having them has brought more depth to my work, and more intention behind all that I do. I owe them many of my ideas, as their birth and presence brought many of my ideas to light and now to fruition.

Bachelors Degree - Studio Art & Art History from Bethel University Studio

Emphases - Japanese Woodblock Printmaking & Soda Fired Ceramics