Hannah Palma Laky is a potter living in Grand Marais, Minnesota; a small wilderness town on the north shore of Lake Superior. Her process involves woodcut-style carving, and other stamping of imagery connecting to the outdoors amongst other things. She draws inspiration from the beautiful vistas surrounding her, and focuses on the intimate interaction of the user with her objects. Her specific interests lie in looking at the mundane tasks of life as sacred acts or rituals, and the idea that the more times you do something, the more meaningful it can become. She believes that creating special moments daily is essential to an overall appreciation for life, and she feels like achieving this is easier when you are intentional about the objects that you use or surround yourself with. She makes her objects precisely for this reason, and tries to do this through pleasing colors and imagery one can connect with.

Hannah completed her B.A. in Studio Arts and Art History at Bethel University in Saint Paul, Minnesota. There, she emphasized in Japanese Woodblock Printmaking and Soda fired pottery. She teaches classes, takes classes, and makes pottery at the Grand Marais Art Colony, which is a place that artists have been coming to for the last 70 years to study art amidst the wilderness. She hopes to get a grant and use that to build a soda kiln, but for now she is firing her pieces at the Art Colony with a cone 6 electric oxidation kiln. She has been working hard to fuse her love for woodcut style prints and pottery by carving the clay. This fusion allows her to do the two art forms she loves, and make meaningful objects people interact with and use on the daily.