My Small Business Stands with Black Lives Matter

I have been extremely disheartened over the last couple weeks, as my whiteness (privilege) didn’t care to see fully just how unequal this supposedly “Land of the Free” is. Well I am starting to open my eyes, ears, heart and mind wider and wider, and now seeing the truth and that truth has brought me to my knees. My heart aches and moans in agony. My stomach twists and turns and feels like a separate being. I will not let myself become comfortable again. I will be uncomfortable and have uncomfortable conversations. I will rise with my black and brown brothers and sisters (As well as my Latino Husband and 1/2 Latino Children) and I will fight for them. I am ashamed of my white ancestors but I have the opportunity to create change now, and I know that my voice is important – more than ever. Let’s stay awake and come together and bring true change to our society. I am aware it will take a long while, but it is worth every second. One step at a time. Together.

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