~ Holiday Hustle ~

This holiday I did not know what to expect. This is my first Christmas season selling since my precious twin girls were born 3 years ago, and my first holiday season selling since my new aesthetic idea – Woodblock-style-carving in clay with nature inspired subject matter (i.e. scenes from my childhood and adulthood living in Northern Minnesota). I never expected to be so busy, and have to hustle so much, but I am ONE HAPPY LADY!

This last week I had three local sales back to back to back. The sales were all wonderful (Along with many online sales), and I walked away so thankful and touched by the incredible support! I am filled with excitement, because the crazy turnout means I get to continue to live this dream out! Pinch me! I can hardly believe it!!!

As this holiday keeps rushing forward towards us, gratitude and joy fill my heart. None of you know just how much I enjoy filling the lives of others with meaningful objects. It has become sort of my life’s work. How would your day be different if you drank out of the ground (Clay is earth y’all!) and gazed across the mountains/lake/moon rise/sunset?

Peace & love to all of you this holiday season. May you drink warm beverages, explore the wilderness, and enjoy each others company and conversation.

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